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Give Me Five! Episode 6

Which moments made an impact in Episode 6?

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Another tribe swap means plenty to talk about, but the weird part about this episode was that there wasn’t anyone sent to Ghost Island, so we had another episode without any advantages, clues or crying…oh wait there was still crying, anyway on with it:

1. Tribe Swap. These are always tricky because when the tribes swap right at the start of an episode, almost everything that happens for the rest of the hour is directly related to that swap. In this case, my next four points are exactly that. However, here are a few other things to note as well. Keep in mind that I really don’t know what I am talking about and these points may end up being bigger than my actual main points:

a. The tribes swap from two tribes to three. (The new tribe is called Yanuya for what it’s worth). There is a three to two advantage for the original Naviti on all three tribes. Even though the original Malolo are getting picked off one by one, the numbers advantage doesn’t really mean anything. We saw in Millennials vs. Gen-X that every tribe with the advantage lost a number at tribal. Eventually, some Naviti will have to start going home.

b. Bradley is back with Domenick, and he thinks that he is fantastic at playing this game. His edit continues to intrigue me. I don’t think that he is playing the game that well, but he is sure getting a lot of screen time and an interesting edit.

c. Poor Michael keeps getting the short end of the straw, not only is he down in numbers after every swap, but he is also continuously going to Tribal Council almost every week. He is either lucky or has a great social game to be still hanging around. I vote for the latter.

2. Wendell’s thoughts. I have been curious about Wendell for a while now. I had high hopes for him in the pre-season, and I still do think that he has a good chance at making it far. However, I am not sure what to think about the latest intel on him. I felt that both him and Domenick made a fun pair, and I was excited to see them work together, and I assumed that they were close, but after the swap when Chris approached him, his reaction surprised me a bit. Perhaps, he is just playing nice with Chris since he is stuck with him for a few rounds, but I just couldn’t get a read on him. Is he really glad to be away from Domenick for a bit? The other side of this is his relationship with Sebastian. He made a point to bring his “special” shell back to him which obviously impressed Sea Bass. We know that Chris and Sebastian had some sort of friendship back during the first two episodes, so if Chris and Sebastian are friends and Sebastian and Wendell are friends, can Wendell and Domenick be friends? I know that sounds confusing, but I am anxious to see what happens after the merge if all four guys are still around.

3. Chris likes to talk (about himself). It appears as if we are starting to see this other side of Chris that was hinted to during the pre-season. We heard a lot of people saying that Chris seemed to be conceded and didn’t think of other people, etc. For the last couple of episodes, we were starting to see a side of him that was directly opposite of those opinions. But we know that he likes to talk, and his favorite subject is himself. His new tribemates are not into that same topic of conversation. Not only is he getting on their nerves, but they are not expressing any emotion to let him be aware of that, so he keeps doing it. Eventually, that will start to wear on some people, and once the merge hits, he will no longer be helping his tribe win immunity. As soon as that happens, his time in this game will be short. He has proven to be a challenge threat, and as soon as he doesn’t win, he will most likely be targeted.

4. Domenick spreads his wings. For the first time this season, Domenick and Chris are not on the same tribe. This is good for Domenick. I don’t think that he was playing up to his potential because he was so worried about having Chris around. There is still a little bit of that showing, but he seems to be a lot more relaxed and concentrating on other aspects of the game. He had a chance to re-connect with Bradley, and they were plotting against Libby since Domenick thinks that she is a huge threat. The big question here is can he stay focused to the task at hand or is he going to continually go back to thinking about Chris and the idea that he may be with him again at the post-merge portion of the game?

5. Angela’s pre-tribal reactions. We have not seen much of Angela this season and what we have witnessed revolved only around that one tribal where her original tribe tried to vote her out. The big question this week was, was she more loyal to her original tribe with Kellyn and Desiree or her swapped tribe with James? For most of the episode leading up to tribal council, we didn’t know. It appeared as if she was leaning toward James based on the conversations that she had with both him and Kellyn. James felt good with her and Kellyn was worried. We obviously didn’t see everything that went down since they all voted for James, including Michael. But I still question where Angela falls in all of this. Once they merge and if they still have nine of the original Naviti, I doubt that Angela is going to be in the inner circle of that alliance. The merge is probably close, so we will see soon where everyone (especially Angela) falls.

There you go. What moments from this week’s episode do you think made an impact?

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Brent Sullivan

Brent is a 39-year-old Survivor super fan from Muncie, IN. He is married with two kids and does IT work at a local non-profit organization. He has been running in-person and online Survivor contests since season 7.

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