Survivor: Game Changers

Tenth Elimination

Who was the tenth person eliminated on Survivor: Game Changers?

Debbie Wanner has become the tenth castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers.

The former Survivor: Kaoh Rong player was blindsided in the third post-merge vote of the season. After leading the charge to get rid of Ozzy last week, Debbie was sitting pretty in the majority six-person alliance, and they had a seemingly simple job of picking off the five outsiders. The alliance had their sights set on Andrea, who was seen as both a physical and strategic threat, and when she lost the immunity challenge, it seemed all but inevitable.

However, Sarah was considering making a big move after feeling on the outside of the six. When Debbie decided to take it upon herself to tell Aubry that Sarah didn’t trust her, word got back to Sarah, and she did not take the news well. At tribal council, Debbie appeared confident that the six would remain strong, but in the end, Sarah flipped, and Debbie was blindsided in a 6-5 vote.

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7 responses to “Tenth Elimination”

    • Everyone had already gone down in the boat when Sarah got the advantage cause first they got the losers then Micaela but Sarah swam over which I think should have been suspicious.

      The Player of the episode was clearly Sarah
      My favorite on the Season is Ozzy but now I am going for Andrea

  1. Flipping on the majority alliance…

    A very familiar story for Sarah back in Cagayan…

    Now she executed it very well. Go Andrea!

  2. Deb can’t keep her mouth shut. She just can’t stop. Sierra wanted a final three of herself, Sarah and Debbie but I guess she failed to tell Debbie about the plan. Brad left Sarah behind on the feast trip too and Sarah needs constant petting.

  3. Gotta love a good corn-cobbing of a very clueless and overconfident player. The fact that she’s in an alliance I don’t care much about was a nice touch of icing on the cake.

    The funniest thing of them all? Had she saved her advantage for THIS Tribal, she’d have forced a deadlock and SHE herself would’ve been safe during the rock draw. Gotta wonder if she regrets that now.

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