Survivor: Game Changers

Second Elimination

Who was the second person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers?

Mana tribe member Tony Vlachos has become the second castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

The 42-year-old former Survivor: Cagayan winner was eliminated after the Mana tribe lost the second immunity challenge of the season. Tony was itching to play the game and didn’t like the slow pace his tribe had set, so he decided to pull together an alliance of big threats to protect each other. He reached out to Sandra, Caleb, Malcolm, and Aubry, solidifying a five-person alliance. But after he overheard a late night conversation between Sandra and Troyzan, Tony believed that they were throwing his name out as a potential target.

Tony’s paranoia got the better of him, and the rest of the episode broke down into a war between the two former winners. Tony reached out to Malcolm and Caleb, telling them they needed to keep the tribe strong, and that Sandra was the weakest link. But Sandra was able to gather the numbers against Tony, even splitting the vote with Aubry in the case of an idol play. In the end, everyone voted for Tony while Sandra and Tony voted Aubry.

Cast Board by Rob Brodeur.

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8 responses to “Second Elimination”

    • Tony just can’t adapt. What we saw this episode is exactly what would’ve happen in Cagayan if the brown lost first. Tony needs a “Woo” and a “Trish” to have his back. At least cirie and Sandra tried to adapt to their Legends status, tony just ignored the fact people already know how he plays.
      A different point that needs to be discussed is what a great episode Malcom had – no one targeting him and he seems to be able to control the vote without anyone noticing, and makes the target on Sandra even bigger.

  1. dissapointed tony went so early but was too big a threat hopefully sandra out soon be crazy to keep a two time champ in the game too long

  2. Tony sucked soooo bad! He deserved go home. Sandra is amazing, I never liked her in her both seasons, both Im loving the queen now.

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