Survivor: Game Changers

Ninth Elimination

Who was the ninth person eliminated on Survivor: Game Changers?

Ozzy Lusth has become the ninth castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers.

The former three-time Survivor player was eliminated in the second post-merge vote of the season. As the two opposing alliances were plotting to strike against one another, initially Brad and Sierra were in the crosshairs. But Zeke didn’t like that he wasn’t in control and decided to reveal Andrea and Cirie’s plans to the opposing alliance. After word got back to Andrea and Cirie, Zeke then became a target.

While it seemed that everybody was on board to vote out Zeke, Debbie threw out a new idea of blindsiding Ozzy, who had lost out on immunity earlier in a close battle with Tai. At tribal council, Debbie decided to play her extra vote advantage to assure that Ozzy would go home. It turns out she didn’t need to use it, as Ozzy was eliminated with six votes. Zeke received four votes, while Cirie threw a hinky vote at Sierra, and Zeke voted for Aubry.

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4 responses to “Ninth Elimination”

  1. Goodbye, Ozzy. 🙁 I was so excited to see you play again & now I have to say “goodbye” again. This was so unfair to you!

  2. Stupid Debbie. I didn’t think Ozzy would win but I wanted him to go further. Oddly enough he has won and lost the same number of individual immunities

  3. 6 of the first 9 players voted out I really liked that only leaves to 2 I like. Ozzy was at the top of the list

  4. Truth be told, seeing him four times was already overkill. I mean, the guy couldn’t even change his very tired, overrated and outdated game. And let’s face it folks: If all of your game is about winning challenges and providing food, that and a buck fifty will get you some Tim Horton’s coffee and not much else.

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