Survivor: Game Changers

Eleventh Elimination

Who was the eleventh person eliminated on Survivor: Game Changers?

Zeke Smith has become the eleventh castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers.

The former Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X player was blindsided in the fourth post-merge vote of the season. After trying to vote out his ally Andrea two weeks ago, Zeke almost found himself on the wrong side of a torch snuffing but was saved due to a last minute plan to vote out Ozzy. While trust had clearly been broken between Andrea and Zeke, the two found themselves reluctantly working together last week to vote out Debbie. However, the two former allies still had each other in their sights.

After winning immunity, Andrea felt confident to make a move against Zeke and had Cirie on board with the plan. The question was whether or not Sarah would go along with the vote given the close relationship she’d built with Zeke. Even though Sarah wasn’t a fan of taking out Zeke this early, she didn’t want to push her agenda too much and make herself a target. In the end, Andrea got her way, and Zeke was voted out 5-3-2.

Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, and Sarah voted Zeke. Brad, Sierra, and Troyzan voted for Tai. While Tai and Zeke voted for Sierra.

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4 responses to “Eleventh Elimination”

  1. I hope Tai voting Sierra and Sierra, Brad and TroyZan voting Tai causes some problems to that alliance.
    I was so happy when Andrea won Immunity.

  2. I found it interesting that Tai got three votes without even being mentioned in the pre Tribal Council buildup or the Tribal council itself. And that the votes were all from his alliance (Brad, Troyzan, Sierra). It seems to me that Andrea’s five were trying to avoid a possible idol play by Zeke and that there was a lot more going on in the minority other than just flipping Sierra. Brad and Troyzan were in on it too. Also, they had to be certain that Sierra, Brad and Troyzan were going to vote Tai for it to work. While I admire Zeke (mainly his ability, as a transgender, to grow more facial hair than I – so jealous), I used your edgic and anticipated an Andrea immunity win and predicted Zeke to go home. With three idols, a vote steal and a legacy advantage left in the game, the next few weeks should be epic.

  3. I am not sure what I think about Zeke being voted out. I agreed with Sarah’s first assessment on getting one of the 4 out first. Andrea has to go!!! She’s a beast in the game. I think voting brad would have been the way to go…severing a possible alliance with him and zeke. Any of the 4 I think would have been smarter.

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