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Next Time On Survivor – Episode 5 & 6

Stephanie Lauw makes her predictions for the next episode!

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We’re getting a two-hour long episode this week! With two boots added to the four players on the Edge of Extinction so far, it seems likely that this week will be the last episodes before the merge. Four episodes in, I must say we haven’t been getting as much clues as I hoped for to understand certain relationships, especially ones from the original Kama tribe. It makes predicting the next episode pretty difficult, but I’ll try my best!

First up, Rick Devens joins his former Manu tribemates on the Edge of Extinction after a rather emotional tribal council. As the episode closed, we heard Reem, who has been on the island the longest, saying that he is “not in good graces here.” Devens himself acknowledges that the three might hate him as he had a part to play in eliminating them days prior. I’m guessing that though the initial response may be cold, as with the previous addition of Chris, the four players will soon get along amicably on the island. I don’t think the tension or awkwardness will amount to anything too big.

Moreover, Devens comes across as a pretty charismatic guy; I don’t believe the bitterness towards him will last. The preview trailer, though, revealed Reem yelling at someone – “You’re getting on my nerves!”. Following my prediction, I think this is more likely directed towards one of the boots after Devens. I just don’t see an explosion of that sorts happening amongst the four players we know are on Extinction.

The next new sequence we have of Extinction is a mystery box, a twist we’ve never seen before. In the episode preview, we see Chris finding the crate and opening it before the shot cuts to black. I’m guessing its contents is the reason why the four players were running in the Next Time On Survivor trailer. My speculation is that it is information about re-entering the game, maybe a potential advantage for the challenge they’ll be competing in? Whatever it is, I hope the box incites some sort of rivalry or conflict on Extinction, that’ll certainly change up the dynamics as we approach the merge.

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After the last tribal council, Lesu is down to four members. Lauren, Wentworth and Wardog voted together to get Devens out of the game, leaving David now on the outs of the tribe. The trailer highlighted Wardog targeting Lauren, approaching Wentworth with his idea. From what I’ve gathered, Lauren and Wentworth are a tight pair. It’s no wonder to me then that Wentworth calls Wardog “a crazy man” in the confessional that immediately follows. I don’t think he’s able to convince Wentworth to vote out her closest ally, especially when she knows that David isn’t exactly 100% with her either.

If Lesu goes to tribal council again, Lauren’s name is definitely thrown out, because of her perceived physical weakness from not eating and the fall we see in the preview, but I think David will, unfortunately, be voted out 3-1 and become the first returnee to be eliminated from the season. The thread of Wentworth vs. David from the season premiere seems too strong to amount to nothing.

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As mentioned, there are so many unknowns with the Kama tribe. The five players – Julie, Julia, Ron, Joe, Aurora – still seems stacked to win challenges though. That, coupled with the fact that we haven’t heard from them much and thus have no clues to build a story from, makes me think that they’re going to be safe from tribal council this week.

The new Manu tribe is made out of four original Kama members, and crazy crazy Wendy, originally from Manu. Seeing how Aubry was on the outs on the Kama tribe, she’s definitely going to try pulling Wendy into work with her. In the episode preview, we see Victoria suggesting to Aubry that the two of them plus Wendy get Eric out. I’m quite skeptical about this sequence we’ve been shown.

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Firstly, I feel like Victoria’s not one to work with the lone Manu member, especially after the confessional of her reacting to wild card Wendy and the chickens. Secondly, Victoria also revealed her resistance to work with returnees, discussing with Ron to get Joe and Aubry out when they were on Kama beach. Working with Aubry now would be jeopardising the six-strong Kama newbie group she has. As such, I’m more inclined to believe that this conversation is a fake plan to make Aubry feel assured that she’s not going home.

Two tribal councils and two boots. Overall, I predict that Kama wins immunity both times, keeping them safe from tribal. I think we’ll see the new Manu lose at least once because I feel like we have enough information about the dynamics of the Eric+Gavin’s pair, Victoria’s game, and Aubry’s position to see them work out an elimination. I guess that it’s between Wendy or Aubry going home, and I’m leaning towards Wendy getting the boot. And unfortunately, I feel like if Lesu meets Jeff at tribal again, David will get voted out.

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Written by

Stephanie Lauw

Stephanie is an English literature and film graduate from Singapore who spends too much time analyzing her favorite TV shows. Besides patiently waiting for an Asian version of Survivor she can take part in, Stephanie enjoys dabbling with music, sound production, and writing, and would travel across the country for good Ayam Buah Keluak. Steph writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Next Time On Survivor feature.

6 responses to “Next Time On Survivor – Episode 5 & 6”

  1. If it’s David and Wendy I view this season as lost. Don’t think it will be Wendy cuz that wouldn’t be a blindside,

  2. My prediction is that David (3-1) and Wardog (2-1) get voted out. The most important question is why is there a double episode at this point in the game. This means that they are concerned that people won’t want to watch next week after watching the first episode. I think after watching the first episode that it will be obvious that Lesu will continue to lose. This is also likely why they need to fill time with Extinction Island since the main island has becomes completely predictable. Personally, I think there is zero chance that Aubrey will be voted out (Wendy is a much bigger target and has been given the villain edit for two weeks).

    • After watching, I feel like my comments are really hilarious. Stephanie is very courageous for making predictions every week.

  3. I agree that Lesu and Manu will lose. And while I would love for it to be Wendy and David going. Makes me think that would be to good to be true. And after seeing Wardog target Lauren i’m thinking it isn’t a longshot that Wentworth, Lauren pull in David and blindside Wardog

  4. Yet another unexpected twist in the second hour (Episode 6) that really made great predictions impossible. I feel like the rules for winning are always changing this season.

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