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Give Me Five! Episode 2

Which moments made an impact in Episode 2?

Welcome to Give Me Five! Each week, Brent Sullivan will look at the top five impactful moments from the latest episode that could influence the rest of the season.

The second episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath is in the books, and we finally have our first vote of the season. The weather is obviously making an impact this season, but I have enough moments from Week 2 to discuss, so let’s all just agree that the weather gets an honorary spot in the Five this week!

1. The women take control. There was a little bit of Dan and Kara again this week. I am sure that we will get some of their “relationship” every episode until they are split up, or one goes home, but we didn’t see as much of them as I thought we would. It was more like they were showing them to set up what came next. Kara was worried that Dan was being too open with their alliance/showmance, but Dan didn’t seem to care. That led to Kara talking to Natalia and Angelina in the water about how they each had one man that they could pull in. The three of them plus John, Dan and Alec would give them a strong six. They also mentioned how much they liked Mike. So that isn’t really good news to the other three tribe members. That is a really big group to keep together, and outside of an easy early boot, I don’t know if they will stay six strong for long. But the three women can also sacrifice a few of the men along the way if they need to. Let’s see how long they last.

2. Jeremy finds Dan’s idol. This is an easy one to point out. Even though Dan felt so confident that no one would find his idol in his super-secret hiding spot, Jeremy did indeed discover it. As Mike stood guard, Jeremy went through Dan’s coat and his sock and found both the idol and the paperwork that came with it. Dan may be in trouble now. Like Mike said, knowing where the idol is at may be more powerful than actually having the idol. Between this and his open to the world showmance with Kara, his days of being in control, or even in this game at all, may be coming to an end.

3. The second idol is found. Davie is such a fun character to watch. First, I heard his story in the pre-season about being called at the last minute. Then, he gets to catch an octopus during his first three days, and now he finds the David tribe’s hidden immunity idol. So, not only is Davie becoming sort of a provider for his tribe, but he now has their only idol… plus no one else knows that he has it. At least at the moment, he seems to be sitting in a good spot even though he was on Jessica’s side during the vote. He was definitely less vocal about getting out Lyrsa compared to the rest of them. I have high hopes for Davie and think that he can make it far.

4. Everyone is against Natalie… or are they? Oh, poor Natalie. Does she really not realize what she is doing? I know that we don’t get to see everything that happens over a three-day period, but everyone on the Goliath tribe seems to be in a consensus that she is exactly what we are seeing on TV. If that is case, I do feel bad for her if she really doesn’t realize what she is doing. Unless something major changes, she looks like an easy first boot for this tribe. However, in this game, you never know what is going to happen, so I really want to point out that I like John’s move here. He goes to her and tries to help her with the way she is acting. He doesn’t say this, but this may come back to help him later. If they get in a situation where they swap and he is stuck with her and a bunch of Davids, this move may prove to be a huge success.Let’s see how this unfolds over the next few episodes.

5. First tribal. We finally get our first tribal council of Season 37! Nick, who looked to be the first boot no more than three days ago is now sitting in a pretty good spot. He has made an unbreakable Mason-Dixon alliance with Christian, who seems to be in good with Gabby. Lyrsa appeared to be the early target this week, but things seemed to shift after the way Bi and Jessica treated Gabby. The tech writer was able to get with Elizabeth and Lyrsa and the Mason-Dixon boys to go after Jessica. They thought it would break her ties with both Carl and Bi. So, that leaves us with the question…what will happen to Bi and Carl next week? Even though Davie is involved with them as well, those two had the biggest focus on them. Let’s see how they react to the vote-out and how the rest of the tribe react to being down 10 to 8 already.

There you go. What moments from this week’s episode do you think made an impact?

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Brent Sullivan

Brent is a 39-year-old Survivor super fan from Muncie, IN. He is married with two kids and does IT work at a local non-profit organization. He has been running in-person and online Survivor contests since season 7.

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