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Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!


Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based on the latest episode of Survivor 45.


  • This is the first new era season without a green tribe.
    • Survivor 41: Ua
    • Survivor 42: Vati
    • Survivor 43: Gaia
    • Survivor 44: Soka
  • It’s also the first season since Island of the Idols that didn’t have a green tribe (Winners at War had a green expansion tribe, Yara).
    • Island of the Idols did, however, have an unused green expansion tribe, so this is the first time since Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers without a green tribe (used or unused).
      • Coincidentally, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers also started with red, blue, and yellow starting tribes.
  • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Island of the Idols, and Survivor 45 are the only seasons that were filmed in Fiji that didn’t have a green tribe.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X: Ika Bula
    • Game Changers: Tavua
    • Ghost Island: Yanuya
    • David vs. Goliath: Tiva
    • Edge of Extinction: Lesu
    • Winners at War-Survivor 44: See above.
  • The merged tribe name is “Dakuwaqa” which is a Fijian shark deity.
    • It’s the first tribe name since Tambaqui in The Amazon to have a “q” in its name.
  • Dakuwaqa is the sixth “D” tribe name and the fourth “D” merged tribe name.
    • Drake and Dakal are the only “D” starting tribes.
  • Dakuwaqa is the first orange tribe to start with “D.”
  • This is the first time that a season with red, blue, and yellow starting tribes had an orange merged tribe.
  • Emily is in third place for the earliest in a season where she was the last remaining member of a starting tribe.
    • Ozzy in Cook Islands was the last remaining Aitu member at final 13 when Cristina was voted out
    • Cirie in Panama was the last remaining Casaya member at final 12 when Ruth Marie was voted out.
      • Emily, however, holds the record for the earliest in a season to be the last remaining member where the original tribes weren’t dissolved after a couple of episodes, as Cook Islands had 4 tribes for two episodes and Panama had four tribes for 1 episode.
  • Lulu is the second earliest tribe to go down to only one member, which happened on day 14.
    • The record is held by Casaya in Panama, which happened on day 11 when Cirie became the last remaining member of the original Casaya tribe.

Immunity Challenge: “Get a Grip”

  • This challenge was previously used in Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, South Pacific, Blood vs. Water, Worlds Apart, Game Changers, and Winners at War.
    • This is the second time it was used where two people won; the first time was in Winners at War when Denise and Jeremy won.
  • This is the second time this challenge was used in a season with an orange merged tribe, the first was in Vanuatu, which is also the first time this challenge was done.
  • Nobody that’s won this challenge has won the season it was played.
    • Tyson, Denise, and Jeremy have won this challenge, but not on seasons they were the winners of. Tyson won in Tocantins, and Denise & Jeremy won in Winners at War.
  • Prior to this season, Twila in Vanuatu was the only player who won this challenge and only competed in one season of Survivor.
  • Previously, 60% of the time (6 out of 10) this challenge was used, a man won. With Dee and Kellie winning, it is now an even 50/50 split between men and women winning (6 each).

Double Elimination

  • This is the ninth double elimination on Survivor. It previously happened in Cook Islands, Redemption Island, South Pacific, Ghost Island, Island of the Idols, Survivor 41, Survivor 42, and Survivor 43.
  • This was the first time that the split tribal double elimination had two teams of 6.
  • Sifu holds the record for lowest placement for someone voted out in a double elimination with 12th place.
    • This is the earliest a double elimination happened, which was in episode 7.
  • This was the first new era season where two women won immunity at the split tribal challenge.
    • Dee is the first woman in the new era to be the last player remaining in the challenge.
      • Previously it was Xander in 41, Jonathan in 42, and Cody in 43.
      • In Island of the Idols, Noura and Elaine won immunity during the split tribal challenge.
  • Survivor 44 is the only new era season without a double elimination.
  • None of the new era seasons have seen two women voted out during the double elimination.
    • This has only happened in Cook Islands and South Pacific.
  • This is the second time that two players were eliminated on Day 14.
    • The first was in Cagayan when Cliff was voted out and Lindsey quit.

Tribal Council #1

  • Sifu was voted out 5-1.
  • This episode was Bruce and Katurah’s first time this season where they weren’t immune.

Tribal Council #2

  • Kaleb was voted out 4-2.
  • Emily is the highest ranking member of the original Lulu tribe.
  • Austin is the only Reba member without any votes cast against him.
  • This was the first time that there was a flash-forward scene in Survivor history, which showed Dee and Jake’s votes at tribal council.


  • Katurah had the most confessionals this episode with 8.
  • Julie, Sifu, and Austin had the lowest confessional count with 1.
    • They’re also all original Reba members.
  • Emily has the most confessionals with 38.
  • Julie has the lowest number of confessionals with 14.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “The Thorn in My Thumb” was said by Katurah when talking about Bruce.

Survivor Birthdays

  • This episode aired on Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu), Kass McQuillen (Cagayan & Cambodia), & Val Collin’s (San Juan del Sur) birthday.

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