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Next Time On Survivor – Episode 9

Steph Lauw makes her predictions for the next episode!

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Welcome to Season 42’s Next Time On Survivor feature on Inside Survivor! This is a tiny section where I breakdown the trailers and any other previews and give my personal predictions of the week’s upcoming episode.

Last Tribal Council, we saw the majority alliance largely on the same page, sticking together to vote out Chanelle. In other parts of the episode, Tori and Romeo were considered as possible players to eliminate. So, for the most part, it seems like this large alliance is still relatively strong, at least to get by the next few Tribals getting rid of easy targets. While this may not last that much longer as the numbers dwindle, I think it will last for the next episode as it will be a split Tribal with two players going home.

In the trailers for Episode 9, Jeff announces that there will be two individual immunity necklaces up for grabs and two players going home. The 10 remaining players will be divided into two teams of five during the immunity challenge and go to Tribal Council in these split teams.

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From a quick sequence in the trailer, we know that the group of Maryanne, Tori, Jonathan, Drea, and Lindsay won a reward, and thus most likely are one of the teams going to Tribal together. Drea then has a confessional where she states that “none of these people are really my close allies.” This speaks of how the majority is more of just a working group for safety in numbers rather than a tightly bonded alliance. That being said, in a small tribe of five, I believe the players in the alliance will be more inclined to choose an easy vote off to preserve their position.

This would suggest Maryanne or Tori as targets for this group. Since Maryanne’s immunity idol is more or less open knowledge, at least for the Taku players, I predict that she plays it or even announces her intention to play it before Tribal to keep herself around for another few days. As for Tori, I think her spotting the red paint on Drea’s arm last episode is setting up a little feud between them this week. Ultimately, I think Drea will still best Tori as she is just too stacked with advantages at her disposal—an extra vote, an immunity idol, the amulet from the premiere’s challenge, and the Knowledge is Power advantage.

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In the NTOS trailer, we see an argument between Lindsay and Jonathan, with the former exasperatedly exclaiming, “he’s not listening to me.” I think it’s highly possible that there is talk of getting Jonathan out again as he is, as usual, winning the challenges and may pose a threat for immunity. However, I feel like many players view him as a good shield for their games and wish to keep him around for a while longer.

Next, the other group of five heading to Tribal consists of Romeo, Omar, Mike, Hai, and Rocksroy. It’s interesting that they are all men, as we also see an all-male alliance forming in the NTOS trailer. That scene most definitely happens before the challenge, so it’ll be exciting to see the men forced to vote someone out if this all-male alliance indeed forms. However, I guess that not everyone is on board with this male alliance, and the vote is between Hai and Romeo, with Mike controlling the vote with the social bonds he has been building over the last few episodes.

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All in all, my prediction for the vote is Tori and Romeo. I picked Tori last week, too, as I think she’s really just surviving on borrowed time with her immunity wins, as it doesn’t seem like anybody is willing to work with her. I think she goes this week as an easy target.

As for Romeo, I don’t think he has much social capital to control the group. He tells Omar, “I’m going to have to trust the one person I don’t trust,” indicating that his game is up to someone else’s decision. Ultimately, I think that the rest of the players won’t find it worthwhile to shake up their games to keep Romeo around.

Who do you think will be voted out in this double elimination? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

Written by

Stephanie Lauw

Stephanie is an English literature and film graduate from Singapore who spends too much time analyzing her favorite TV shows. Besides patiently waiting for an Asian version of Survivor she can take part in, Stephanie enjoys dabbling with music, sound production, and writing, and would travel across the country for good Ayam Buah Keluak. Steph writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Next Time On Survivor feature.

8 responses to “Next Time On Survivor – Episode 9”

  1. Based on your Tribal split, I can see Tori going and Rocksroy. While Romeo may be game-play paranoid, Rocksroy just doesn’t appear to have his head in the game. Unfortunately, we can only surmise based on what CBS edits out of the reality and shows us what they want us to see.

    • Rob, our Stats Man, recently had a baby and so has been super busy. There will be a catch-up on all the missed stats at some point.

  2. I think Tori will win one of the necklaces and Jonathan will win the other. It really depends on how the two groups are split but I predict Hai and Omar to be voted out.

  3. Just wanted to say… having watched every season as broadcast… and binged again years later… we thought Survivor was finished after S41. The wokeness was just so over the top it was unwatchable. 42 is, thankfully, better. It lacks really great and memorable cast members, and the Advantages are excessive, but at least they’re tried to make it entertaining. Instead of preaching.

  4. Tori needs to go. Hopefully Michael stays on to the end. He is the strongest physically, yet kindly helpful. Hai or Romeo seem the weakest. My insides still cringe that Jeff allowed a political stance silence his usual “Come on in guys!”

  5. That was my original thought/hope as well. But if the group split posted here is correct then they are in the same group.

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