Rumor: Survivor Expanding to 90-Minute Episodes For Season 45

Survivor is getting bigger.

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Survivor is looking to become bigger than ever for its 45th season as the show is set to increase its episode length.

While not 100% confirmed, several Inside Survivor sources have claimed Survivor 45 will be expanding to 90-minute episodes. This is for more than just the premiere; each episode is said to be 90 minutes, with the usual 3-hour season finale.

Survivor has aired as a 60 minute show (with commercials) since its inception in 2000, but an episode length increase has been in the works for quite some time. Host and executive producer Jeff Probst has made it no secret that he prefers the 90 minute episode structure.

“I actually think 90 minutes is a great length for a Survivor episode,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly last year. “It means basically 63 minutes of total running time, and that’s similar to what you would find on a streaming service.”

Survivor has experimented with longer episodes in recent years, with Survivor 43‘s second episode receiving a 90 minute runtime, which our sources say was somewhat of a test. Probst said that the show’s strong relationship with CBS allows them to make such changes.

“Fortunately, we have an incredibly tight relationship with CBS, and that allows us to talk candidly about stuff like this and do what is best for the show.”

Crime drama FBI currently airs in the 9 pm to 10 pm slot following Survivor. Last fall, The Amazing Race aired immediately after Survivor in a reality TV bloc along with The Real Love Boat. The latter received low ratings and was moved to Paramount+ after just four episodes; this could be the reason for opening up more space for Survivor.


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12 responses to “Rumor: Survivor Expanding to 90-Minute Episodes For Season 45”

  1. Thank God! Everyone I know wants more material. They edit way to much out these seasons and miss other crucial storyline. Also…retire all old puzzles and challenges.

  2. Longer episodes would be great. But Can we do away with the 26 day crap, the weekly “journeys” to get advantages, the shot in the dark options at tribal, and the other ridiculousness of the post covid seasons. There are too many so called advantages now which has taken strategic play out of the game. Players just run around like chickens with their heads cut off, changing their minds every 10 minutes and relying on advantages and luck rather than smart decisions. As someone who has seen every season multiple times, its been painful to watch. I havent even turned on the new season and had to force myself to watch the other 2. Twists have always been apart of the game but until now the basics game has always been the same, but post covid seasons have thrown out everything that kept the loyal fans coming back. It’s something completely different now, it doesn’t deserve to be called survivor anymore.

  3. Why not just go back to the 2 episodes a week? One episode reward challenge, the second immunity and tribal?

  4. I would really like a 90-minute episode. but go back to the olden days where they really didn’t eat they had to fight for everything wear the same clothes for the whole show catch and eat food on their own food. nowadays they come out with different earrings and makeup on and different outfits and earrings and they’re not even hungry go back to the old ways when the show was real now it seems it’s plucked to fit societies thinking!!!!

  5. I would love to have the 26 days format out and I would love to have the longer episodes and its much more fun and i would love to have more episodes a wee not just the one every week.

    • If they want to save money, do like Survivor AU, do one season a year, add more days, up the cash prizes, with the extra time we can see more insight as to what the players are thinking, do tougher challenges, think about doing five years at a time in different locations.

  6. Probably when they find enough info for at least the first 3-5 cast members, usually occurs after the airing of the season prior. We got them early for 43 and 44 because casts got leaked because of how easy it was to find people who took month-long breaks in their jobs + Carolyn was at one point in the online reality game community, and her spot on the cast was rumored long before even the rumored sheet came out (At least I knew it was possible that it was true)

  7. I heard season 35 may be an 2nd chance season. And that made Jeff comment about bring the first medical eviction coming back right after it happened.

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