Report: CBS Still Considering Other Options To Restart Survivor Production

CBS hoping to bring Survivor back sooner rather than later.

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Last week, we reported that Survivor has further postponed production until spring 2021; however, according to Deadline, CBS is still exploring “a range of options and timelines” to get the show back up and running.

“The process remains fluid and CBS is looking at a number of different solutions that would allow [Survivor] to get back to production earlier in a safe manner,” writes Deadline’s Peter White, while also noting, “Fiji is still a possibility… but other countries are also being looked at.”

Filming in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands was initially postponed back in March until mid-May before eventually been shut down indefinitely in April after the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic. Despite hopes of being able to film in the summer for an early fall premiere, CBS removed Survivor from its fall lineup back in July.

It stands to reason CBS would still be looking into alternative options; as previously noted, the world is changing daily, so if they can find a safe way to restart production earlier, you have to believe they would take it. That said, the last Inside Survivor heard was to expect filming to begin in spring 2021. The casting for season 43 was also said to have been frozen, with applicants now only being considered to fill potential spots on seasons 41 or 42.

For those that subscribe to the Inside Survivor Patreon, you will remember, back in July, we mentioned rumors of Survivor looking into potential back-up locations, including Mexico and Guam. However, it wasn’t clear how serious those options were considered due to strict travel bans and other COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

As stated in our previous report, Survivor already has the infrastructure in Fiji and a great relationship with the government. It’s for those reasons, plus the several months of pre-production that took place before the shut-down, that Survivor is reluctant to leave Fiji.

On top of that, there is a major issue in transporting Survivor‘s 400+ multinational production crew to any international location. The production team includes people from all over the world, including many residents of Australia and New Zealand, both of which have strict travel bans in place for the foreseeable future.

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17 responses to “Report: CBS Still Considering Other Options To Restart Survivor Production”

  1. Surely there is a military installation in the United States that could provide challenging terrain and lot’s of suffering!

  2. This is (almost) the best news yet….“other countries are also being looked at”…. I miss the days when the location was a part of the theme. I have always thought that staying in Fiji takes that aspect out of it & have to rely on twists for its themes….but if the theme/twist is the tribe division that is thrown out the window at the (1st) tribe swap when they mix the tribes. But if they actually did something outside of Fiji that would be shocking to me (but I don’t see why they couldn’t do something in the desert of Arizona [or California….but that is probably out because of the wildfires] or something). It’s not entirely that they “can’t” film, it’s more like they don’t want to film anywhere else.

  3. Have NEVER missed a single season in 20 years. Fall will never be the same even watched with my student from Thailand last year and he was hooked after one episode. You will be dearly missed

  4. I will come back to Survivor whenever it starts ince again. I too long for the days of different locals, exotic food challenged, and never changing wardrobes. Bring it in guys!!!

  5. Do what Big Brother did and quarantine everyone for 2 weeks, then test them. If they pass, they can play. I guess, have some backup people just in case anyone doesn’t pass…Then everyone can go mask-free on the island. Easy peasy.

    I was thinking Alaska. They have tons of space, but, yeah…there are abandoned military bases in the US that I bet they could use.

    The States have plenty of places they could go to…

    • The struggle with prod does not seem to be the players and quarantining them, but the 400+ crew members from all over the world.

  6. I hope they Figure it out soon because I really want the Opportunity to be on Survivor! I’ve wanted to be on survivor since it’s been on.. Just wasn’t good timing for me but now I’m Finally ready to be on Survivor! I’m a Survivor of DV & now it’s time for me to prove to myself that I now can play the game Survivor! I’m not a victim I’m a Survivor & now it’s time I get my chance to play the game survivor!! please Come back SOON!

    • You say that like you are the only person that has wanted to “be on survivor since it’s been on” but it “just wasn’t good timing for me but now I’m Finally ready to be on Survivor” but I pose this question to you: how many times have you actually applied? Somehow I think there are people out there (I’m going to use myself as an example) that have actually been applying while you’ve been “wanting to” apply….I have been applying since season 2, not just “thinking about” or “wanting to”. I’m sorry but I don’t think you being “a Survivor of DV” & being “time to prove to myself” makes your application(s) more relevant than mine.

      • You don’t always have to be so hostile towards people. We’re all Survivor fans here. Nobody is better than anyone else.

        • It’s not about being “so hostile towards people” but when it appears that someone is trying to use something like being a survivor of something (DV or whatever) makes it seem a they think that makes them better & more deserving than anybody else (which it doesn’t) so I take offense to that approach.

  7. I love this show, and in the earlier years, the anticipation of where they would film next was half the fun. I understand how wonderful and hospitable Fiji is, but start shooting in other exotic locales again! Pandemic permitting of course. There is more world to see other than Fiji.

  8. The French version Koh Lanta to leave Fiji, their next shoot will take place in French Polynesia on Taha’a Island, near Bora Bora in the vicinity of Tahiti

    besides they said that the season currently in diffusion: koh lanta the 4 lands filmed in 2019 in Fiji was the last season filmed there

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