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Survivor returned to our TV screens last Wednesday with its 33rd season, Millennials vs. Gen XI, of course, used this first episode as an opportunity to carefully suss out who I’ll be picking for my PETE Survivor fantasy draft. Who has what it takes to outwit, outlast and outplay the other castaways (while getting me the most points possible so that I can win the competition and secure mad bragging rights)?

This is who I’ve settled on:

  1. ZEKE (Millennial) is experiencing a bit of an identity crisis. Despite being in the Millennial tribe, he does not identify as one (which, if I may point out, is oh-so-millennial). He points out his attire and states, “I’m not dressed for the youth parade, I’m dressed for the singles mixer at the Miami retirement centre. I’m an 80-year-old man at heart.” Bless him. This is the very characteristic that allowed Zeke to rise as a leader in the first episode (taking control of setting up camp and making fire without flint), and will be advantageous for him going forward. He is also likeable, which is HUGE in this game. I expect good things.
  2. MARI (Millennial) is in my draft because she seems like she doesn’t scare easily. When she sees that the “pretty people” in her tribe have already made an alliance, she doesn’t panic – instead, she takes action immediately, rallying the other “misfits” to make sure she’s on the side with the best numbers.
  3. JESSICA (Gen X) seems smart and doesn’t appear to have a big ego, unlike some other members of her tribe. She already found herself a potential advantage in the game and succeeded in raising no suspicion from the other tribe members while finding it.
  4. BRET (Gen X) is one of my picks because… I just like the guy (and his awesome Boston accent). Perhaps it’s that I assume he’s a no-BS kinda person because he’s a police sergeant? Who knows? I just have a hunch.

There you have it! What do you think? Think you can beat me? Head to and get in the game!

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