Survivor: David vs. Goliath Dream Tribe Game Scores (Week 12)

How many points did your Dream Tribe score in Week 12?

In September, we launched the new edition of the Inside Survivor Dream Tribe Game, where readers could pick a team of four castaways they thought would perform well in Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Each episode participants earn points based on how the four castaways in their Dream Tribe perform, with the top three highest point getters at the end of the season receiving a great prize courtesy of PlanetGearCompany.

All the accepted entries are posted in the spreadsheet below, which will be updated after each episode with the latest scores. We received over 500 entries! Those who didn’t enter an email address or entered multiple times had their entries disqualified.

Scroll to the right of the sheet and see the overall leader board.

Updated Scores after Episode 13:

As previously requested, below is a tally of the individual scoring per episode:



  • 50 points – if one of your Dream Tribe wins the season.
  • 25 points – if one of your Dream Tribe finishes as runner-up.
  • 20 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that make the merge.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds/gains an idol.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds/gains a game advantage.
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that survive a Tribal Council.
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that wins immunity or reward (tribal and individual / reward points only counted if the reward challenge is separate from immunity).
  • 5 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that receives more than five confessionals in an episode.


  • There will be three prize winners: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place.
  • The winner will be the person at the end of the season with the most points.
  • If multiple users tie for the most points, the winner(s) will be chosen by random draw out of those eligible.
  • The winners will be revealed after the season on Inside Survivor and will be contacted for prize details (so make sure you provide the correct email address).


  • 1st Place: Complete set of S37 Buffs.
  • 2nd Place: Your choice of one S37 Buff and a 35th Anniversary Buff.
  • 3rd Place: Your choice of one S37 Buff.
  • All prizes provided by

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  • James

    How did these points add up if the David Tribe didn’t go to tribal and nobody got more than 5 confessionals? Also, is Daniel the only player who gets credit for finding the idol or did the people with Natalia and/or Kara get credit as well?

    • No points were awarded for surviving tribal. Nick got 7 confessionals. Daniel found the idol.

      • Cory Nelson

        But is this part of the spreadsheet? Can people see all this somewhere? It would be neat to see on the spreadsheet itself each week.

      • Malc

        Then something is wrong. No one should have more than 60 points: 40 for winning a challenge (every player won just one of reward – immunity), 15 for the idol (Dan) and 5 for confessionals (Nick)

      • James

        Thanks for the quick response! I am also curious about which players got more than 10 points apart from Dan and Nick as the people with Elizabeth and/or Davie seemed to have gotten 15 extra points and people with Pat got 5 extra points as well.

  • Cory Nelson

    I really enjoy this game, but is there a way to see what the survivors did? Like how many points did Dan score this week vs. John? It’d be neat to see who actually are the best picks over the course of the year and weekly.

    • steve2013

      agreed as they have to keep track of it anyway to add the points so can’t imagine it’d be too hard to post as 100% it’d be fun to see who are the best picks over the season/weekly

  • What name did you enter under?

    • either Depeng Xu, or Derek Xu. I can’t remember. It’s fine I’m not on it this season. I’ll join next time. I enjoy this website, and Martin’s edgic analysis is my fav.

  • Fritz J. Tubes

    Instead of 10 points for players who survived a Tribal council, why not change it to 10 points for a player who survived an episode. That would be an additional 10 points for Carl this episode. I raised this concern because in episode 1, the David tribe technically did not attend Tribal Council and they all received 10 points.

  • Ravel

    OMG I climbed half the ranking. I believe you Liz!