CBS Is “Hopeful” Survivor Will Be Back This Fall With Season 41

Survivor aims to be back this fall.

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The entertainment industry is still in a period of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, but CBS is “hopeful” that Survivor will return this fall in its regular timeslot.

CBS announced its fall schedule today, as part of its “virtual” upfront event for advertisers, revealing that Survivor will be back at 8 pm on Wednesdays, followed by The Amazing Race at 9 pm and SEAL Team at 10 pm. No exact dates were given for when these shows would premiere.

“Wednesday’s solid schedule adds more reality and adventure,” said the CBS press release. “SURVIVOR, hosted by Jeff Probst, again starts off the night at 8:00 PM, where it was watched this season by nearly 10 million viewers and is CBS’ #1 broadcast in key demos. At 9:00 PM, a fall edition of the multiple Emmy Award-winning THE AMAZING RACE hosted by Phil Keoghan begins another trek around the world. Then at 10:00 PM, the fourth season of military drama SEAL TEAM, starring David Boreanaz, returns to close out the night.”

While the 32nd season of The Amazing Race is already in the can (it was filmed in 2018), Survivor has yet to begin production on its 41st season after filming was postponed back in March. Initially, filming in Fiji was rescheduled for May 19, but as the spread of the virus worsened, production had no choice but to shut down indefinitely.

Despite this setback, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl remains optimistic that Survivor and other shows will be ready for the fall. “We are very proud of this schedule and these shows and we’re excited to get them on the air as soon as safely possible,” Kahl told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re confident — at the very least, hopeful — that production will resume in the summer and we’re hopeful most of these shows will be on this fall.”

The question is, can Survivor still film abroad? Fiji recently extended its ban on all international flights until at least the end of June. And according to Fiji Airways (the airline CBS uses to transport cast and crew—as evidenced by the shoutout during the Winners At War loved ones visit), the national carrier also expects to reduce its scheduled services in July.

Speaking to Deadline, Kahl recognized the extra difficulties with producing shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race (which had to shut down production on its 33rd season mid-shoot back in March). “In terms of Survivor and The Amazing Race, we’ll get those into production as soon as we can safely get back into production,” he said. “That’s going to be a little more complicated because we literally have to navigate some international waters.”

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information.

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5 responses to “CBS Is “Hopeful” Survivor Will Be Back This Fall With Season 41”

  1. I don’t know how believable this is. 1st, at the Winners at War finale Jeff Probst said they were “committed” to “being back in the fall” & now CBS is (just) “hopeful” that Survivor will be back in the fall? That doesn’t seem too reliable to me! At least The Amazing Race (which they say would be on after Survivor) as (already) filmed (remember, they already filmed a season months ago that hadn’t aired before the season that they called-off filming of after they had already started).
    That being said, I don’t know how they can release/announce the fall season & include shows that haven’t even filmed (yet)! Given the current state, I don’t want speculating – I’ll believe this when I see something indicating that filming has (officially) started.

  2. The travel question is only part of the problem.

    Just imagine any scene around camp. How do you safely separate the contestants and still get them all in the shot? How are they supposed to work together on things, whether it’s solving some puzzle or dragging some heavy object through an obstacle course?

    Hugging and physical contact are a big part of the show, whether at camp or during competitions so if this is to continue they must all pass whatever quarantine is necessary to go forward.

    I can imagine quarantining the contestants until they are clear but what about camera-operators and the local support staff in Fiji? I can’t see the producers being able to control for so many variables.

    I’m not sure Survivor will be wearing that ‘Immunity Medallion’ come Fall.

    • Actually, from what I understand, they aren’t suppose to hug (or how any physical contact in that sense) because of Dudley-do-right (I mean Dan)….but you bring up physical contact in challenges too. You also bring up all the ways that they can’t follow the new social distancing guidelines….I have been saying for a while now that Survivor was on its last leg, you just bring up more reasons why my thinking is correct.

  3. At this point I’m hoping for reruns of Survivor Borneo in the fall schedule and the S41 to air spring/summer 2021.

    Also crazy that TAR S32 is going to air 2 years after filming.

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