Australian Survivor Player of the Week (Week 2)

Time to vote for your Player of the Week after a crazy second week of Australian Survivor.

Wow. Where to even begin with the madness that transpired this week? Australian Survivor kicked up a gear in Week 2 with blindsides, quits, and more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie. How do you determine the Player of the Week amongst all the pandemonium?

Last week, you voted Saanupa tribe member Flick as your Player of the Week with 296 Votes (25.43%). Who impressed you the most this week with their strategy, gameplay, and overall performance? Vote below!

Who is your player of the week?

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12 responses to “Australian Survivor Player of the Week (Week 2)”

  1. Andrew is my vote. He’s playing a great UTR game and isn’t overplaying like the other super fans (e.g; Nick and Connor).

    • So you are voting only for super fans? Considering Andrew is the only super fan that hasn’t received the majority of the votes at this point (Evan, Connor, Nick) it seems as though he’ll be guaranteed your vote every week he is in the game at this point.

  2. WTF? Andrew? Is there a spoiler somewhere that he’s winning the game? Is that why people keep voting for him? I don’t get it at all.

  3. Andrew did barely anything this week. He was invisible for the first 2 episodes and got only a couple confessionals in the third episode. Craig did most of the work and if he didn’t receive the vote if you’re voting for someone at Vavau it should be for Jennah. Andrew has not impressed me in the first 5 episodes. He is at the bottom of his alliance and just burned 3 people. My vote is for Phoebe this week because she is practically controlling the entire Aganoa tribe and no one else in the game is managing to do that at this point.

  4. How is someone like kylie third? when she exposed her immunity idol to her entire tribe plus the opposing team and someone like flick in the top six, after almost being voted out? Doesn’t make sense.

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