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Episode 24 Recap – The Feras Wheel

What went down in finale?

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The finale of Titans vs. Rebels is here, and after 47 gruelling days, a new sole Survivor will be crowned by the end of this recap. True to its title, it was a battle to the end between the Titans and the Rebels. Sometimes, one side made a clean sweep against the other, but the fight between the two groups soon emerged once again.

From the OG Titans, Mark and Caroline had such an exciting dynamic all season, as they went from Middle-Age Mafia besties to bitter rivals wanting each other out numerous times. But ultimately, they came back to protect each other as their other allies were voted out. Only Feras reached the game’s final stage from the OG Rebels, as the smiling assassin used every trick, idol, and ally up his sleeve to protect himself, leaving him alone against two powerful enemies.

It’s day 46, and the episode begins with a downcast Feras, who lost his final ally, Raymond, at the last tribal council and had his game blown up in front of the jury by Mark. Feras knows the only shot he has of making it to the final two is winning individual immunity and promises to himself to give everything he has left to do so.

For his part, Mark is ecstatic about his performance in the game so far and knows he is very close to having a chance to present his case to the jury. Caroline also knows her peers have continuously underestimated her throughout the game and is glad she never gave up. She wants to win that final immunity challenge to make it to the end or for Mark to win it, as he promised he would take her to the end.

The final three players approach the season’s final immunity challenge and are awestruck by the sight they encounter. JLP explains they will have to stand on narrow pegs fixed to a giant wheel. The wheel will turn regularly, forcing them to move onto narrower pegs. If, at any point, they come off the wheel, they will be eliminated from the challenge. The last person standing will win immunity and, with that, the right to decide who to take with them to the final two.

Before the challenge begins, Mark’s wife Saskia, Caroline’s husband Murray, and Feras’ wife Iman reunite with their loved ones to encourage them in the game’s final hours. Amidst tears of joy, JLP tells them it is time to begin the most crucial challenge of the season. Mark, Feras, and Caroline give it their all, hoping to win the necklace, and as they immediately start feeling how painful this challenge will be, a chuckling JLP tells them it will only get worse from then.

As the hours pass, the players joke and tell their loved ones about their games to take their minds off the pain and the pressure of this being a win-or-lose-it-all challenge. However, as the day turns into night, Mark can’t hold on any longer and is the first to drop out. After another while, Caroline drops out, leaving Feras as the winner of the last immunity of the season.

The next-to-last tribal council immediately follows, and as the jury walks in, Raymond can’t hold in his glee at seeing his best friend Feras with the immunity necklace, followed by a smiling Kirby who seems happy her frenemy-turned-brother has secured protection.

JLP asks Mark and Caroline why Feras should take either of them to the final two. Caroline tells Feras she wants to give him a run for his money, whereas Mark warns Feras he doesn’t know what kind of fire Caroline will present to the jury. Ultimately, Feras decides to vote out Mark, thus solidifying Caroline and himself as the final two.

Just like that, it’s day 47 and the final day of Caroline and Feras on the island. They culminate their time in camp by praising each other over their gameplay and fighting it out as the last Titan and Rebel, respectively. As they enjoy their last-day feast, they tell the audience why they want to win.

Caroline wants to demonstrate why she is the last woman standing, how she managed to break out of the “older woman” and “mom of the camp” stereotypes, and how she managed to get control of the game several times. Feras wants the win to represent his Muslim community and show how he spearheaded socially and strategically most of the season.

The final tribal council sees the final two pitching their cases to the jury, with both giving compelling speeches highlighting their strengths and moves. Mark advises the final two to be honest, concise, and forthcoming with the jury and asks Caroline when she felt the most at risk and how she got out of it. Caroline responds that it was when Viola was plotting against her, and she flipped the vote on Viola instead.

Rianna later asks Caroline if she is happy to go against her morals of the game to get to the end, to which Caroline says that she couldn’t have gotten to where she was if she hadn’t lied or deceived.

Valeria asks both how many votes they think each will get. Feras slightly jokes by saying he hopes he gets the majority, whereas Caroline responds she can’t count on any votes. Valeria admits she hasn’t decided who to vote for yet and that the jury members have a sour taste regarding Feras’ apparent non-strategic game and Caroline’s weak social one. Caroline admits she didn’t have the best social game but still gave it her all.

Aileen tells Feras his biggest game flaw was not listening to his allies, especially her, in crucial times and asks him what his most significant game-altering move was. Feras tells her it was when he decided to look for an idol instead of feasting, giving it to Alex and making Kirby focus on Alex instead of on him.

Alex asks Caroline how her gameplay improved after he got voted out, and Caroline says she tried every tribal council not to get voted out. When Aileen tells Caroline to be more specific, Caroline recounts her attempt to eliminate Feras by playing an idol on Mark to the jury. She recognises it wasn’t a successful idol move but still tried to make a big move. Raymond then gives the best one-liner of the night by expressing that Caroline’s most crucial move was misplaying an idol.

After telling her he wasn’t, Kirby asks Feras if he was scared to stand beside her. Feras responds that his actions weren’t due to fear but a realisation that he had better chances to win without her in the game. Kirby asks him if he played courageously, which Feras says he did, as he put his game first, even though the decision went against who he is.

Feras also explains how he can claim he proved an idol could be used to bluff, as his idol protected him for over 31 days, and the mere threat of it being played made people nervous about targeting him. Feras doubles down by proclaiming he took out Charles, Winna, and Kirby, and Raymond corroborates how Feras also used his idol to protect them both at the final five, leading to Kirby’s demise.

He continues to express how glad he is to be on Survivor to represent his culture, religion, and family and how winning would be a proud moment for him and a chance to prove to his parents that he paved the way by winning the game.

Finally, it’s time to find out who the winner is. JLP reads the votes and announces Feras as the winner of Titans vs. Rebels after a 9-0 landslide vote, making him the first Middle Eastern and Muslim man to win Australian Survivor.

With that, another epic season has ended. This season was so much fun to watch, mainly for its dynamic cast, non-stopping strategic gameplay, outrageously funny moments, and a spectacular winner as icing on the cake. There are seasons when one is glad when they are over, and there are the ones when the audience wishes they never end. Titans vs. Rebels is definitely in the latter category, and next season has some huge shoes to fill.

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