Australian Survivor: Titans vs. Rebels

Episode 15 Recap – This Means War

What went down in Episode 15?

Who would’ve thought people would go from wanting to target Feras at all costs to thanking him for saving their games? If that’s not a sign this season has gone from one hurricane to another, I don’t know what is. Oh, and wait a second. Did Jaden finally play the game after a month on the island? I had to rewatch the episode to double-check that last part. 

The episode starts with Caroline thanking Feras for pitching in the numbers to save her. With a storm brewing around camp, Caroline also declares she’s finally done with Mark and is hurt by Valeria’s comments about her being the weakest left in the game. I genuinely support Caroline’s gameplay at this point, as she’s been actively trying to play the game, unlike others (yes, I’m thinking about how Jaden has been cruising so far and even gave up the individual immunity necklace for being too girly). Still, I couldn’t help but laugh at how Caroline said the wolves Valeria fights off in Russia are puppies compared to her. Another metaphor would’ve been better, but maybe that’s just me. 

Eden wants to reunite the OG Titans to get control of the post-merge, but to do so, he needs none other than Jaden to be on board. So, Eden takes it upon himself to teach Jaden about Survivor and proposes several plans they can enact in the following tribal councils, all of which Jaden gladly agrees to. Eden proposes his plan to Mark, who is doubtful it will work as his ties to Caroline and Kitty are burned worse than when Rob Cesternino lost his magic eight ball in a fire back in Survivor: The Amazon. 

For the reward challenge, the tribe is divided into teams for a multi-stage course. A brand-new three-litre turbo diesel Isuzu MU-X and a delicious Australian BBQ will go to the first player out of the remaining three who will complete a puzzle. 

The team of Mark, Kitty, and Valeria advance to the final round, with the ultimate victory and the car and BBQ going to Mark. Not surprisingly, Mark chooses Valeria and Kitty to accompany him for the reward, and very surprisingly, he also chooses Caroline to participate as “he owed her one.” Raymond sums it up very well as he smirks at how enjoyable a BBQ with BFFs Valeria and Caroline sounded. 

At camp, Eden is angry his whole alliance is having a meal without him, while the rest are hoping for a fight at the BBQ. As they try to enjoy their meal, the tension between Caroline and Valeria is palpable even through the screen. Mark acts as a mediator between the two, and both women comment on what the other has done to hurt their game relationship. While Caroline is content to settle her beef with Valeria, it is a different story with Mark, the mediator, as he’s still on Caroline’s radar because he has tried twice to vote her out. 

Before the next challenge, we see Jaden having a workout at night as he declares he wants revenge for people having voted out Winna, as he was Jaden’s BFF. He declares he’s been chilling and cruising so far, and he wants to step it up as he is being underestimated. 

JLP announces it’s time to compete for individual immunity once more. After an endurance battle against Kirby, Jaden wins immunity, and even JLP slightly mocks him as he tells Jaden he got the necklace he doesn’t like. To Jaden’s credit, he laughs in good humour. Eden, for his part, starts worrying at Jaden’s sudden interest in the game and wonders if he’s created a monster. 

As the players prepare for tribal council, the OG Titans’ target goes to Raymond, which Caroline dislikes as she worked with Ray and Feras’ group at the last tribal. However, Eden tells Caroline and Kitty they must work together again to gain a numbers advantage against the Rebels. Feras notices Eden continuously talking to the OG Titans. While the Caroline/Kitty duo tells him they’re on his side, Feras creates a contingency plan to split the votes between Rianna and Valeria to see where their true allegiances lie.

At the tribal council, JLP enquires about how the Titans mended fences at the BBQ. Kirby starts to notice how those newly refreshed bonds threaten her alliance, and as the Titans continuously make it evident that they’re working together once more, the former Rebels also close ranks. Feras whispers Eden’s name, and one by one, the OG Rebels agree on the new plan. I have to highlight Aileen’s subtle, yet brilliant, move to cover Alex’s face as he talked to Feras to avoid someone from the Titans lipreading or overhearing their scheme. 

Once the votes are in, JLP asks if someone wants to play an idol, and Rianna decides to play hers. JLP proceeds to read the votes, and there’s a 6-6 tie vote between Eden and Raymond. Everyone but Ray and Eden sticks to their original vote, and in one of the biggest twists of the season so far, Jaden switches his vote to avenge Winna and joins the OG Rebels, thus sending Survivor superfan Eden out of the game in a 6-4 vote. To add insult to injury, Eden comes up short of making the jury. 

As one superfan’s dream of playing Survivor ends, another casual’s journey to the endgame begins. As JLP mentions, the battle between Titans vs. Rebels has started anew. Hopefully, no one else tries to take anyone under their wing, as anyone can become the ultimate player if the right incentive is presented. As Eden liked to introduce film quotes throughout his Survivor journey, I’ll give him one to send him off: “Hasta la vista, baby.

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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