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Episode 11 – Burn Before Playing

What went down in Episode 11?

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The Joker has fallen, Shonee’s lost an idol, and now there are only five OG Villains against nine OG Heroes. While the odds are in the original Heroes’ favour, the last tribal showed that the Heroes aren’t as close as they seemed. While Sam was ultimately spared, the repercussions of being left in the dark about what was going on could eventually be the Heroes’ downfall. If there’s one thing we’ve learned watching Survivor throughout the years, it is that nothing is set in stone, and with players such as George, Shonee, and Hayley still in the mix, the game is still up for grabs for anyone. There might be a few expectations here and there, but most could still take the win if they play their cards right.

At the Heroes camp, Flick and Matt are trying to flip Stevie to their side to gain the majority and as a request from their former tribemates. Stevie doesn’t commit, but he also doesn’t turn down the opportunity of perhaps working with them in the future and, in turn, with Simon, who has gone rogue and is now working with the Heroes.

Meanwhile, thinking that she has a real idol, Flick is unsure to tell Ben about it as they haven’t been working together previously but agrees with Matt that they need both Ben and Stevie to eliminate George. Unbeknownst to the OG Heroes, George is plotting Flick’s demise and wants to throw the upcoming immunity challenge to eliminate her. That way, George and Shonee would have complete control of the tribe without anyone posing any danger to them until the merge.

The Villains camp shows everyone now working together aside from Liz. Liz is disappointed and frustrated that her and Jordie’s plan didn’t work, and though she still has an idol, she knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s voted out unless she can crack the Heroes’ alliance. Simon, for his part, is remorseful about voting out Jordie, while Sam feels he can only trust David now as he was almost sent packing and wasn’t given a heads-up about this possibility. (David knew about the plan but pretended he didn’t.)

Nina, for her part, wants to play a more active game, as she didn’t come to Survivor for a second time to play a “cruisy game.” She also says the Diaz-Twine Heroes vs. Villains legacy would be cemented in Survivor history if she wins. Nina then starts to concoct a plan to have a majority going into merge, with OG Heroes Sam and David on her side, and starts pulling in Liz, as Liz has numbers on the other tribe that Nina needs. She informs Liz that Simon gave away his (fake) idol to the other tribe and that he also voted out Jordie. Liz is completely fed up with Simon and doesn’t try to hide it. As Sam corroborates Nina’s plan to work together, Liz is hopeful that she might have a chance now to stay.

When both tribes reconvene before the next challenge begins, Shonee is stunned to see that Jordie is gone. Liz manages to tell her under her breath that he was voted out with the idol, plus that Simon jumped ship, and Shonee is discouraged as she knows that the idol is dead. Liz also tells Shonee that Flick and Matt have Simon’s idol. George declares that Jordie’s elimination is an act of war, that he was two hostages with him, and he’s planning to cut them loose. George has never been too subtle with theatrics, but somehow, they still work for him.

True to his word, George doesn’t put much effort into the immunity challenge, which the Villains tribe notice. Taking advantage of everyone being distracted from building the puzzle, Liz tells George everything happening within the Villains tribe. George gets his way, and unsurprisingly the Heroes lose the challenge.

Back at camp, George wastes no time publicly announcing that Flick has Simon’s idol. Knowing Flick could play the idol for herself or Matt, the Spice Girls alliance decide to target Ben. Gerry also says that Ben’s behaviour at the challenge demonstrated he doesn’t have an idol himself, as he was acting like “a desperate man going to gallows.”

Stevie knows that he’s the swing vote which, in turn, only puts Shonee and George on edge. The OG Heroes want to target George, and Stevie hilariously remarks that people keep targeting George because he’s the kind of guy that walks into a pub and somebody wants to punch him in the head. Flick, Matt, and Ben plan to target Gerry in case Stevie doesn’t vote with them. Flick and George finalise pre-tribal talks by considering working with each other.

At tribal council, JLP questions George about his declaration of war. George responds it was towards the OG Heroes on the Villains tribe as it wasn’t Jordie’s turn to go, and whoever gets voted out tonight will be in retaliation. What happens in one tribe will affect the other as the upcoming merge approaches, and both Heroes and Villains prepare for the forthcoming battles. Flick tells JLP that she, Matt, and Ben are in the minority, so George proposes a questionable, yet bold, alternative: if Flick throws her idol in the fire, Flick will be part of the majority and have protection, plus it would be an excellent move to add to her resume should she reach the final tribal council.

Flick decides not to take the bait, and before the votes are read, she plays the so-called idol for Matt. JLP finally reveals the truth and says it’s not a real idol, gobsmacking Flick and her allies. With a vote of 4-3, Ben, aka “the smiling assassin,” is promptly voted out, and the Spice Girls alliance lives on to rule havoc another day.

Will Flick not taking George up on his offer could come back to haunt her? If the merge doesn’t happen soon and the Heroes tribe loses immunity yet again, it is the most likely scenario. George has repeatedly shown that if he doesn’t get his way, consequences are sure to follow, and it is only a matter of time until he gets to the end of the game, or someone will successfully confront the King and dethrone him for good.

Just as JLP said, “sometimes a genuine deal is better than a fake idol,” and at the rate the game is going, a deal with the devil might be the only way to move forward.

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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