Australian Survivor 2 Player of the Week (Week 1)

Time to vote for your Player of the Week after the first week of Australian Survivor.

The second season of Australian Survivor is underway, and in the first three episodes we have already seen blindsides, flipped votes, and a whole bunch of idol shenanigans. The gameplay at both camps has been intense and erratic, at least concerning certain castaways, while others are playing more low-key.

Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance in Week 1. The poll will close next Tuesday.

Who is your player of the week?

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7 responses to “Australian Survivor 2 Player of the Week (Week 1)”

  1. I think Jacqui is in the best position out of anyone. She’s got a strong social game, she’s good in challenges, she got fire for her tribe, she’s sharing an idol with Henry. A lot of the strategic players are probably going to fizzle out soon, Jacqui is playing to win a 55 day game.

  2. I’m impressed with Ziggy despite her low edit, she was in the minority at the Adam vote, then wasn’t even in contention of being voted out the following round and seemed to have integrated into the majority alliance right away.

    • But did she, they kept saying a 7 person alliance, and AK and Tara were actively shown to be part of that, putting Ziggy still outside the alliance. Surprised Tessa and Kate were never shown attempting to bring her in, as she seemed far more likely to go with them than Jarred.

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