Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

First appeared on One World

Best moments

Manipulating Jay & Troyzan

While the cast of One World isn’t regarded as the smartest group of players ever, that shouldn’t take away from Kim’s dominance over her adversaries. One of her key moves comes at the tribe swap when she forms a secondary alliance with Jay Byars and Troyzan Robertson. Kim is then able to manipulate this pair into turning on the men at the merge before she eventually disposes of Jay and Troyzan herself.

The Kat Blindside

In perhaps the coldest move of the season, Kim joins the other women in blindsiding Kat Edorsson, one of her supposed allies. Kim grows concerned with Kat’s selfish decision-making, not to mention her pissy attitude towards her, and realizes the best move is to get rid of her. That Kim is still able to get Kat’s vote at the end is a testament to her social game.

Immunity Wins

It’s hard to pick out specific moments from Kim’s time on Survivor because her run in One World is just so consistently dominant from beginning to end. Nowhere is that dominance more apparent than in her impressive Immunity challenge victories, winning four of the last five challenges and never having to use her hidden immunity idol.

The numbers

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What we think

Kim is undoubtedly one of Survivor‘s greatest winners. There isn’t a single moment in One World where it looks like she’s in jeopardy. She controls the women’s alliance, manipulates the men, kicks ass in the challenges, and picks up the votes at the end with her charming personality. While she is unable to replicate this success in Winners At War, Kim still gives a good account of herself and certainly doesn’t damage her reputation as one of Survivor‘s all-time greats.