Cirie Fields

First appeared on Panama

Best moments

3-2-1 Vote

At the final six in Survivor: Panama, the majority “agree” to target Aras Baskauskas, but Cirie worries about Shane Powers and Terry Dietz dragging Courtney Marit to the end as a goat. So, Cirie pulls in Aras and Danielle DiLorenzo to vote for Courtney while convincing Shane that the vote has flipped to Danielle. She does all this while keeping the real plan a secret from Courtney, Shane, and Terry, resulting in a first-ever 3-2-1 vote.

Fooling Erik

Cirie plays a key role in one of the most memorable moments in Survivor history. It’s the final five of Survivor: Micronesia and Erik Reichenbach wins Immunity, meaning the Black Widow Brigade are all out of options… or are they? It’s Cirie who first suggests Natalie Bolton try persauding Erik to give her his necklace, and she beautifully lays the trap before Natalie comes in for the kill.

A Graceful Exit

It still stings how Cirie went out in Survivor: Game Changers, forced to exit the game without even receiving a vote. We can talk forever about the problems with the advantage-overload of modern Survivor, but we commend Cirie for how she bows out. She leaves with her head held high as her fellow tribemates and Jeff Probst heap praise upon her.

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What we think

Cirie is more than worthy of her spot as a first ballot entry into the Island of Icons. She is a bonafide Survivor legend who went on this incredible journey from self-described “couch potato” to master strategist. She has come close to victory on multiple occasions, often leaving the game in heartbreaking and controversial fashion. Cirie is not just a brilliant Survivor player, she is one of the show’s most likable castaways.