Shawn Swaney


Shawn currently resides in Lexington, VA. He graduated from Washington and Lee University, where he studied Biology and Environmental Science. After graduating, Shawn tested the waters in the real world, juggling being a craft brew bartender, pastured poultry farmer, bakery assistant, college volleyball coach, and youth group leader. Shawn will soon be living in Central New York, where he will be coaching collegiate volleyball full-time and pursuing his Masters Degree in Natural Sciences. When he was 8 years old, Shawn returned home from a weekly Cub Scouts meeting, he was channel surfing and came upon Survivor, the show that would forever change him. He was instantly addicted the moment he heard the infamous conch shell noise and saw the very first marooning. Shawn is eagerly waiting for his chance to play Survivor and would willingly drop any and all commitments at the drop of the hat to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing.