Updated Survivor Information List

Photo: Bill Selak via Compfight cc

Before Season 30, casting director Lynne Spillman sent every former Survivor cast member (that CBS had on file) a form entitled “Updated Survivor Information List”. This list was used to gather updated personal information on each cast member and to gauge whether or not they would be interested in returning for a future season. At the time, Season 30 was rumored to be an all-returnee cast, before plans were eventually changed to an all-newbie season.

The documents are posted below. As you can see, alongside personal information like address, age, and relationship status, the form also asked the contestants to list immediate family members that would be interested in competing on a potential Blood vs. Water season.




Cover Photo Credit: Bill Selak via Compfight cc

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  • Zachary Chong

    I dont know how you got this, but its interesting

  • Justin

    Is there a way to see this?

  • Lance

    i hope they dont do BvW again. i never really liked it

  • aisan

    the spoiler 33. series

  • Ayyy Lmao

    I don’t believe that we will be getting Blood Vs. Water 3, honestly. This was probably sent out during or before Blood Vs. Water 2 was being filmed right? If so, the backlash Blood Vs. Water 2 received would cause a 3rd installment to not happen for a long time or never.

    • BJ

      What is interesting to me is that they are using the term “immediate” family members yet they had Gervase and his niece on BvW, which isn’t exactly immediate family.

  • Whistler

    A bit stupid to ask for birth date and next question is what’s your age