Survivor: Game Changers Eighth Elimination

Who was the eighth person eliminated on Survivor: Game Changers?

Hali Ford has become the eighth castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers.

The former Worlds Apart player was eliminated at the first post-merge tribal council. As the Mana and Nuku tribes merged, everybody was scrambling for power, and two opposing sides emerged. Michaela and Hali became the obvious targets due to having no solid alliances.

While Sierra and Brad wanted to get rid of Michaela first, they also wanted to split the vote in case Hali had an idol, although their numbers didn’t make a lot of sense. Cirie, seeing an opportunity to save Michaela, made a counter plan to put the majority of votes on Hali, while telling Michaela to stick with the vote Zeke decoy plan. At tribal council, Hali was eliminated by seven votes. Michaela received four votes while Zeke received two.

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  • Donnie Johnson

    hate to say it, but im sort of glad Hali went.

  • Red

    I like Hali. I would rather Micaela went

  • Joseph Padilla

    Ever since her elimination, my enthusiasm for the show has pretty much been nuked to smithereens.