Desiree “Des” Afuye


Age: 21
Hometown: Union, New Jersey
Occupation: Student
Education: St. John’s University
Tribe Designation: Naviti

Bio: Desiree is a 21-year-old student currently living in New York, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication at St. John’s University. She aspires toward a career in the media and has taken several production assistant internships at companies such as BET, Complex, and Vice. In 2016, she attended the WEEN Academy, a 6-week crash course that trains young women between the ages of 18-27 in all aspects of the entertainment business.

In early 2017, Desiree returned to Complex in a freelance production capacity, assisting on the Complex Go90 Live show. She was also the Head Writer for the Blacktivity section of online publication Syndicate Magazine. Desiree, who often goes by the name Des London online, also used to run a YouTube channel posting fashion advice and album reviews. Her hobbies include fashion, make-up, music, and travel.