Ben Driebergen

Ben Driebergen2

Age: 34
Current Residence: Boise, ID
Occupation: Warehouse Worker/Ex-Marine
Tribe Designation: Heroes

Bio: Ben is a former Marine and current Warehouse Worker from Boise, ID where he lives with his wife and two children. “You know, five years ago, six years ago, if you would’ve [told] anyone that knew me that I’d have a family, a house, two kids, a good job and I’d be on Survivor? They’d kick you in your shin,” Ben said in a pre-game interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Like, you’re out of your mind. No, not the Ben I know. But my wife helped me out a lot, and I love her for that, and she’s given me two kids. So, that’s why I’m out here. I’m out here for them and us and to better our lives. So, that’s why I’m here.”