Angela Perkins


Age: 43
Hometown: Mason, Ohio
Occupation: Construction Management
Education: Columbia Southern University
Tribe Designation: Naviti

Bio: Angela is a 43-year-old military veteran from Mason, Ohio, who currently runs her own Construction Management company. For 21-years, between 1993-2014, Angela served in the U.S. Army as an Adjutant General Officer for the 15th Psychological Operations Battalion, providing personnel support to soldiers. She assisted commanders by keeping soldiers combat-ready, as well as coordinating, planning, and synchronizing personnel support operations.

In 2009, Angela studied for her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Xavier University, before going on to receive her Master’s in the same subject, with a focus in Human Resources Management, at Columbia Southern University. After leaving the U.S. Army, she went on to become an Administrative Assistant at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For the past year, Angela has been running a Construction Management company in her hometown, focusing on areas of home maintenance.