Andrea Boehlke


Tribe Designation: Nuku

Age: 27

Hometown: New York, NY.

Previously Played On:
Season 22: Redemption Island – 5th
Season 26: Caramoan – 7th

How have you changed since the last time you played?
I’m older and wiser! I was only 21 the first time I played SURVIVOR and then 23 my second season. I definitely feel more confident as a person, so hopefully this translates to the game and I’m not so paranoid. I’m also not so boy crazy, which is ideal!

What are you most proud of from the last time?
I was pretty satisfied with my game in Caramoan for the reason that I was able to last as long as I did despite being high on the hit list of many people. I was also proud of myself for being able to laugh at being blindsided, and realize it’s just a game.

What, if anything, do you most regret?
Ha! There’s a long list, but off the top of my head it would have to be finding myself in a showmance again! Not playing the idol! Trusting Cochran!

How will you play differently this time?
I will have to play a low-key aggressive game. I definitely tried to overcorrect my Redemption Island game by playing very aggressively in Caramoan, but I think everyone could see I was trying to “make moves.” I have to find some sort of balance between the two, and also try to break away from my “us vs. them” old fashioned way of playing the game. I have to be open to working with every single person.

Credit: CBS.