Survivor: Ghost Island Dream Tribe Game Scores (Week 12)

How many points did your Dream Tribe score in Week 12?

In February, we launched the new edition of the Inside Survivor Dream Tribe Game, where readers could pick a team of four castaways they thought would perform well in Survivor: Ghost Island. Each episode participants earn points based on how the four castaways in their Dream Tribe perform, with the top three highest point getters at the end of the season receiving a great prize courtesy of PlanetBuff.

All the accepted entries are posted in the spreadsheet below, which will be updated after each episode with the latest scores. We received over 800 entries! Those who didn’t enter an email address or entered after February 21 had their entries disqualified, as well as those who entered multiple times. Check below the spreadsheet for an update on some of the points system changes based on the Ghost Island twist.

Scroll to the right of the sheet and see the overall leader board.

Updated Scores after Episode 13:

Idol/Advantage Rule Changes

*If a person finds/gains an advantage/idol at Ghost Island and then wills it to another player, both the Ghost Islander and the recipient will receive points.
*This rule change will also apply to non-Ghost Island advantages/idols – for example, if Player A finds an idol at camp and later gives it to Player B, whether at camp or Tribal Council, both Player A and Player B will receive points.
*This rule change will only apply to this season because of the unusual Ghost Island twist. Normal rules will apply next season.



  • 50 points – if one of your Dream Tribe wins the season.
  • 25 points – if one of your Dream Tribe finishes as runner-up.
  • 20 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that make the merge.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds/gains an idol.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds/gains a game advantage.
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that survive a Tribal Council.
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that wins immunity or reward (tribal and individual).
  • 5 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that receives more than five confessionals in an episode.


  • There will be three prize winners: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place.
  • The winner will be the person at the end of the season with the most points.
  • If multiple users tie for the most points, the winner(s) will be chosen by random draw out of those eligible.
  • The winners will be revealed after the season on Inside Survivor and will be contacted for prize details (so make sure you provide the correct email address).


  • 1st Place: Complete set of S36 Buffs.
  • 2nd Place: Your choice of one S36 Buff and a 35th Anniversary Buff.
  • 3rd Place: Your choice of one S36 Buff.
  • All prizes provided by

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  • MilesBradC 777

    Thank you for putting this up 🙂 ! Why do I always pick the red shirts? Last season JP, this season Chelsea

    • James

      Love the Star Trek reference!

  • Alan Martins

    Number of teams with each player

    Wendell – 346
    Brendan – 300
    Domenick – 277
    Bradley – 198
    Michael – 190
    James – 183
    Jacob – 180
    Des – 180
    Kellyn – 178
    Laurel – 165
    Gonzalez – 155
    Jenna – 142
    Stephanie – 131
    Libby – 127
    Morgan – 116
    Chelsea – 112
    Sebastian – 111
    Donathan – 105
    Chris – 79
    Angela – 76

  • James

    Why did the people who have Donathan on their team get the 10 points for surviving Tribal Council when he was on Ghost Island?

  • Marionete

    Of course two of my picks are the first two boots. Of course.

  • Alan Martins

    Approximately (!!!) the number of teams with each player:
    Count them is harder than it looks.

    Wendell – 346
    Brendan – 299
    Domenick – 277
    Bradley – 197
    Des – 178
    Kellyn – 178
    James – 176
    Michael – 175
    Jacob – 173
    Laurel – 165
    Gonzalez – 154
    Jenna – 142
    Stephanie – 131
    Libby – 127
    Morgan – 112
    Chelsea – 112
    Sebastian – 111
    Donathan – 105
    Angela – 76
    Chris – 61

    • James

      I know it’s hard, I tried to do it myself multiple times and have been consistently wrong. I’m just wanting to be sure that it’s correct so that I can track how well my team can do. The only problem is that I have already lost 2 players in 3 tribal councils!

      I appreciate that you took the time to accumulate the correct numbers (and I’m positive that everyone else is just as appreciative), and I also thank you for taking the extra time to look over the numbers again.

  • Middle of the road so far…but I am still feeling pretty good. All of my picks except Des look like they could be key players this season (Donathan, Domenick, Wendall).

  • Spencer Lantern seems to have Michael on his list twice.

  • Excited for the results this week. I think I had a good week.

  • Luiz Milagres

    Michael playing the idol for Steph last week counted points for her?

    • No. I explained in last week’s post that it would have only counted as points for Stephanie if Michael had physically given her the idol prior to the votes and she played it herself.

  • If Libby gets voted out soon, I will jump like 20 spots. So many people ahead of me have Libby. I am anti Libby now. Officially.

  • Ben Kessler

    Wow. Best I’ve ever done. Can’t believe this. Too bad I have a bad feeling about Libby. Everytime they showed confessionals of her saying how comfortable she felt I kept getting more worried. There goes my first place after her eventual departure.

    • See….if no Libby, I will be knocking on the door of the top ten.